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Just took a look at the Neverwinter founders’ packs and saw that there’s a top level pack at $199, i.e. pretty much what a lifetime subscription would have cost if the game had a subscription. Naturally, you get a lot of goodies for such a steep buy-in to a free to play game, but the key unique features are an exclusive “Menzoberranzan renegade” race and a panther companion. In other words, this pack is aimed squarely at people who think R A Salvatore is the best fantasy writer evah and want to create a Drizzt clone (so it’s a shame that dual scimitar wielding ranger isn’t a class available at launch)

Personally, I think Salvatore is a hack and I’d rather have the collected Wheel of Time books dropped upon my reproductive organ from a great height than read another of his books (or, for that matter, another Wheel of Time book). Personal tastes aside though, I can see there are plenty of people out there who do like them enough to create characters named after whatever variant of “Drizzt” hasn’t already been taken in just about every MMO. I don’t know how many are $199 keen, but I bet if you blocked all names with the letters D,R, Z and T and sold the unlock as a cash shop item you could make a bundle.

And while you’re at it, you could do the same with L, G, L and S. Dear Turbine, if you’re listening, I’ll take a 5% cut as my commission 🙂


  1. Hehe, there are definitely too many Leglesses and Drizzits out there!
    Tell you what, I loved Drizzt and all the early books (not what came later and become more and more martial arts exposition). As much as I treasure my Darkelf and Icewind Dale Trilogies though, I’d never pay for such a bundle and I don’t know how I feel about it. Do you really need to milk the die-hard fans like that, in a F2P no less? Meh.

    Offtopic: if there’s such a thing as overrated it’s ASoIaF and WoT 😛

    • If people are really that devoted then I don’t have a problem with charging high prices, as long as the people paying are consenting adults. To put it in perspective, I’ve seen big name artists charge more than $199 for a single ticket to a gig. Real fans almost seem to enjoy paying through the nose as a way of showing their devotion to their idol 🙂

      Equally off-topic – I find a song of ice and fire is too sprawling to follow easily, especially when there’s such a long gap between volumes, also it’s not to my personal taste – it’s set in a crapsack world with a severe shortage of admirable/likeable characters. There’s only so much “saga of a bunch of assholes being shitty to each other” that I can take, given that my taste in fantasy inclines more towards the heroic. I won’t say it’s bad, and I’m enjoying the TV adaptation, but it’s not really a set of books for me. The wheel of time is just pain overblown, and while I got about seven books in when I tried reading it I came to the conclusion that Robert Jordan was very deliberately dragging things out to keep his meal ticket going. There’s probably enough decent ideas in WoT to make a quite decent trilogy written at a sensible pace.

      If I had to recommend something I do regard as good fantasy writing, I’d go with S M Stirling’s “Dies The Fire” series, which starts out more as a post-Apocalyptic story but by the fourth book is definitely in fantasy territory, of sorts at least. Even this series seems to be getting a bit unnecessarily drawn out in the last few volumes, however.

  2. “There’s only so much “saga of a bunch of assholes being shitty to each other” that I can take, given that my taste in fantasy inclines more towards the heroic.”

    haha awesome! couldn’t agree more 🙂
    am watching the series too, but then I’m desperate for anything in TV fantasy that aspires to more seriousness than Xena and Hercules…

    Never heard of Stirling’s books, I will check them out. personally, I enjoyed Robin Hobb’s Farseer books a ton, I can’t wait for another sequel. I’m also waiting on Scott Lynch’s and Patrick Rothfusss next books this year, loved Locke Lamora and The Wise Man’s Fear.

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