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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Wow. That’s as in “Gee golly gosh”, not “World of Warcraft”.

Syncaine has fallen out of love with Darkfall on a number of what seem like quite reasonable grounds, including lousy design decisions and quite incompetent forum management of an excessively toxic community.

Then that community followed him to his blog and proved his point for him. I advise anyone who doesn’t mind having their faith in humanity’s essentially good nature crushed to take a look so that they can then go back to the forums of their own game of choice and be able to remind themselves that they aren’t THAT bad.

I’d probably ask that anyone who DOES mind having their faith in humanity’s essentially good nature crushed to go take a look anyway, before that faith of theirs leads them to voting for someone who makes public policy on such erroneous assumptions 🙂

And if by any chance the title of this post is wrong and you can find an even worse comments thread, please don’t send me any links to it – I don’t actually need my opinion of the denizens of the internet lowered any further, thank you.

I see Massively’s regular ESO column has been taken away from a writer who was determined to troll the game he was paid to cover and handed to someone who enjoys the game and seems to want to punch the naysayers in the face.

It’s click bait. But it’s entertainingly written click bait. And at least this way, the coverage of the next update to the game might actually be coverage of the update to the game, and not spend three quarters of the article on “I hate ESO because I’m on the cool kids bandwagon”.

In other news, my main character is now level 41, enjoying the quests and stories in The Rift, and a werewolf. There’s something pretty disturbing about wolfing out, chasing down people running in fear from the sight of it, and then having the game reward you for munching on their corpses. Not nearly as disturbing as one or two of the storylines I’ve encountered, though. Jef’s column has a very valid point, which is that the content locusts who blitzed through ESO for the XP have short-changed themselves as much as someone who necks a bottle of 18 year old Glenmorangie for the sole purpose of getting drunk ASAP.

I think ‘ve been fairly clear that I’m not currently playing Wildstar, and on the whole it’s not really appealing to me. On the other hand, part of me does want to pick up a copy or at least blag a guest code from somewhere to try it for a few days. After all, I’ve stuck my nose in on almost every major Western MMO release so far.

So I’d like to thank Jeromai for alerting me to Wildstar’s Twelve Step Program for raid access, which has done a lot to quell those urges. Not because I was in any great hurry to raid in that game, in the same way that I did very little raiding in LotRO, RIFT or SWTOR – but in all of those games, the option was there once you reached level cap and took a little care with your gear. Wildstar, however, sets out its stall by raising an impudent digit and yelling “FUCK YOU, CASUAL!” to any poor sod who doesn’t want to make it their life’s work just to get in the front door of raiding. Look, I played vanilla WoW – I’ve been through attunement for Molten Core, Blackwing Lair and Onyxia. That chart looks to be on a par with doing all three of those attunements just to get into your first raid.

I do particularly like the comments on that Wildstar forum thread about “Casuals don’t deserve to raid”. Thank you sir, now I know that I can only have any sense of worth once I have earned your respect by enduring a tedious and degrading initiation ritual. Oh wait, I’m not some 19 year old trying to pledge to a fraternity, willing to walk on my lips through busted glass to get the respect of the cool kids. I’m old enough to be that kid’s father and my sense of self-worth is pretty well-grounded, thank you. If I’m going to raid, it’s because it’s something that’s fun to do, and at best Carbine have declared that they’re A-OK with hiding the fun behind a wall of grind. At worst, I have to suspect that behind that wall may just be… more grind.

So hey, Wildstar, at this point I’m going to have to flip your digit right back at you and jog along. Give me a call some time when you actually WANT players.