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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Well, I finished my story as a Sith Assassin and dinged 50 this weekend (in that order – I was 48 when I hit the climactic quests and managed to do them). Going on to finish my last level and a half after defeating [CENSORED – SPOILER] and becoming [CENSORED – SPOILER] almost felt like an anti-climax in comparison though. Really though, that’s only in comparison – I think it’s because reaching level cap in modern MMOs is No Big Deal to a seasoned player, while finishing my story took several tough fights where I felt I had to play my character well to succeed. Spinks has already commented on this – the story quests in SWTOR are not faceroll easy if done as intended, on level and solo. There’s actually a challenge here for the solo/time-limited player that’s refreshing after games that seems to think that players want everything except raids to be mindlessly easy.

So, what next? Well, personally I’m still enjoying playing in warzone matches – or at least I was up to level 49. How I’ll enjoy getting banjo’d by fully geared level 50s until I can earn my own equivalent gear remains to be seen 🙂 I’ve joined a cool guild after the first one I was in died of neglect, and already run some flashpoints with them and can look forward to more. I’ve got 7 more class storylines to see as well, so I don’t imagine I’ll be running out of things to do for a while. What I’m really hoping for is that Bioware will push out regular chunks of story in the same way that Turbine have done for LOTRO (only a bit more regularly than Turbine did after Moria…) – if they can keep players coming back every 2-3 months for regular installments of their class stories, or even a shared epic storyline, they’ve got a recipe for keeping a lot of subscribers for a very long time.