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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Get your credits for nothing and your ships for free!

Sorry, for some reason I came over all Dire Straits for a moment there. I’ve been playing a lot of World of Warships recently, suckered in by the Royal Navy line of cruisers and the event in progress that has a guaranteed reward of a free Graf Spee for completion.

Both the ship and the event itself are interesting from a design perspective. The Graf Spee is a German tier VI cruiser, and I’ve already got a fine collection of mid-tier cruisers in my collection- the US Cleveland, Pensacola and Atlanta, the Japanese Myoko and the Royal Navy Belfast. However, the Graf Spee was a pocket battleship and mounts battleship calibre 11 inch guns (albeit not that many of them) rather than the 6 or 8 guns of the other cruisers ( or the Atlanta’s massive array of 5 inch popguns) That should make for a decidedly different experience in play, with a wicked alpha strike and a chance to cause citadel hits on other cruisers or even battleships at medium to long range.

The event design encourages regular play – basically, it consists of 4 phases each of which is completed by earning a set amount of experience with any tier V or higher ships in your collection. The phases have been unlocking at about weekly intervals, but if you start late (as I did) the earlier phases are still available to be completed. In theory, you could hop in on 17th January and complete the entire event before it finishes on the 18th, although you would have to play a LOT of games that day. Completion is easier if you have a premium account (for bonus xp) and a large stable of tier V plus ships (for daily first win bonus xp on each) but neither are really required. I’m currently on track to complete by the 17th. This is at the expense of getting my daily World quests done in WoW for my three max level characters, but that’s all to the good… I want to avoid any game feeling more like a job that I have to do. It’s also delaying me playing through the SWTOR expansion story, but I’ll get to that soon enough. Once the event is done I can relax a bit, play around with the new toy and the RN cruisers and wait for the Royal Navy battleships to arrive…