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There are a lot of people out there writing fantasy books… and these days there are a fair number of different fantasy MMOs too. So I started wondering which MMOs go best with which writers’ particular brands of fantasy. After a little thought, I came up with the following – let me know if you have any better ideas.

If you like David Gemmell (and it happens that I very much do), then Dark Age of Camelot is the game for choice. Gemmell’s particular brand of bloody heroism is a perfect fit for the Realm versus Ream struggles that are central to the game, and the Celtic theme of his Rigante books is ideal for us Hibbies.

If you’re a fan of George R R Martin then I’ll point you in the direction of Darkfall. After all, if you like A Song Of Ice And Fire then you’re looking for endless strife, treachery and a setting full of unpleasant people being shitty to each other, so a full PvP game should be just the trick 🙂

Fans of J R R Tolkien should go play Lord Of The Rings Online, obviously. And then close their eyes to any aspects that they personally find go too far out of the bounds of canon in order to make a playable MMO.

Anyone who enjoyed books by David Eddings should probably pick Everquest 2 or Guild Wars 2. Both games are reasonably light-hearted, enjoyable pieces of escapism, which describes Eddings’ books to a tee.

And finally, the legions of fans of R A Salvatore should of course be playing Neverwinter, although I understand it’s to late now to pony up your Drizzt tax. The best thing about this recommendation is that the game is free, so you can take the money you have saved to buy some books by David Gemmell and experience some much better fantasy writing instead 🙂

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  1. It’s something I learned to ask for pen and paper games. If you are going to play Dungeons and Dragons expecting a Tolkien experience, and your DM imagines a Song of Ice and Fire world, there is going to be unhappiness here.

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