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Monthly Archives: September 2016

But not for the reason you might think.

So, I’ve been settling into Legion with the few alts I’ve got anywhere close to a level for the new content. Which includes the class halls, a separate themed space for each class to hang out and all be the one true saviour of Azeroth together. So my mage gets quite a nice space, sort of a cross between a library and the Wetherspoon’s pub in Harrogate, which was converted from the ornate Victorian bath house (and is actually a really nice pub, for a Wetherspoon’s). My monk gets to hang out in a temple of the panda starting island, also not too shabby. I have a Demon Hunter, the only one on the server whose name isn’t some retarded variation on “Illidan” and their class hall is a captured Legion citadel. Not too fond of that one – I think the whole “dark and jagged with green fire” motif is starting to get a bit tired. I have a rogue who isn’t at level 100 yet, but working on it – they get to  hang out in a hive of scum and villainy in the sewers, apparently. Not so much ornate Wetherspoon’s, more like some of the spit and sawdust locals close to where I used to live, such as the one that had to close after the landlord’s ex-girlfriend stopped by with a shotgun. Charming places, full of character.

Then I found out that Warriors get to go to freaking Valhalla.

I play a Nord in ESO. My all time MMORPG happy place is pretty much any Norn zone in Guild Wars 2. My biggest DAOC regret is that Midgard is the faction I didn’t play seriously. I have a DVD shelf in my study for films like the 13th Warrior, box sets of Vikings… you get the picture. Why in the name of the All-Father am I hanging out in a library-stroke-family-friendly-pub when I could be in Valhalla?!

BRB – levelling an alt.