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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Still busy at work. Still playing Marvel Heroes. Still not really feeling the urge to board the Crowfall hype train. It’s buy to play… with an optional subscription and a cash shop. Pretty much covers all the bases there.┬áIt’s a PvP game… but you can choose just how ‘hardcore’ a form of PvP you play at. Which will probably result in PvPer holy wars on the game forums the likes of which the internet has not seen since at least last Tuesday, as the true believers brand everyone who plays the wrong sort of PvP with the ‘carebear’ heresy. The stretch goals so far include a female version of one of the character archetypes (ummm, yay for equality?) and mounts (which are pretty much a sine qua non core feature of any MMO that isn’t called Guild Wars 2). I can see why the usual suspects are getting excited about this one, but I can’t say I’m really feeling it myself. I wish them well, as I wish every new MMO well, but I can’t see myself getting too committed to this one for now.

On the plus side, Massively has risen, phoenix-like, as Massively Overpowered and have comfortably raised the Kickstarter pledges they were looking for. I can heave a sigh of relief, safe in the knowledge that I have somewhere to get my MMO news headlines and marvel at the comments as the subhuman mutant underbelly of the gaming community snap up the clickbait articles hook, line and sinker. Seriously, though – congrats to the Massively team, who anew now officially Overpowered, for managing to salvage something they evidently loved from the thrashing, dying carcass of a media leviathan.

And then there’s Marvel Heroes. There’s probably a good blog post or two in their business model, purely on the grounds that they’ve succeeded where many other F2P games have failed and got me to open my wallet voluntarily, and maybe I’ll do just that at some point. This is a game with a limited set of content but a LOT of scope for playing it through again on alts. That makes an interesting contrast with the approach of games like ESO, where the philosophy is “one character is all you ever really need”. I’m sitting on four level 60 heroes now (Loki, Psylocke, Rocket Raccoon and Gambit) with three more in the 50s (Winter Soldier, Thor and Iron Man) and plenty more in the teens to thirties, and appreciating the nuances and difference of approach with each one. Definitely a game that bears continued play… and if you’ll excuse, me I’m off to do just that.