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I see Massively’s regular ESO column has been taken away from a writer who was determined to troll the game he was paid to cover and handed to someone who enjoys the game and seems to want to punch the naysayers in the face.

It’s click bait. But it’s entertainingly written click bait. And at least this way, the coverage of the next update to the game might actually be coverage of the update to the game, and not spend three quarters of the article on “I hate ESO because I’m on the cool kids bandwagon”.

In other news, my main character is now level 41, enjoying the quests and stories in The Rift, and a werewolf. There’s something pretty disturbing about wolfing out, chasing down people running in fear from the sight of it, and then having the game reward you for munching on their corpses. Not nearly as disturbing as one or two of the storylines I’ve encountered, though. Jef’s column has a very valid point, which is that the content locusts who blitzed through ESO for the XP have short-changed themselves as much as someone who necks a bottle of 18 year old Glenmorangie for the sole purpose of getting drunk ASAP.

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