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Wow. That’s as in “Gee golly gosh”, not “World of Warcraft”.

Syncaine has fallen out of love with Darkfall on a number of what seem like quite reasonable grounds, including lousy design decisions and quite incompetent forum management of an excessively toxic community.

Then that community followed him to his blog and proved his point for him. I advise anyone who doesn’t mind having their faith in humanity’s essentially good nature crushed to take a look so that they can then go back to the forums of their own game of choice and be able to remind themselves that they aren’t THAT bad.

I’d probably ask that anyone who DOES mind having their faith in humanity’s essentially good nature crushed to go take a look anyway, before that faith of theirs leads them to voting for someone who makes public policy on such erroneous assumptions 🙂

And if by any chance the title of this post is wrong and you can find an even worse comments thread, please don’t send me any links to it – I don’t actually need my opinion of the denizens of the internet lowered any further, thank you.


  1. Oh wow, almost I am feeling sorry for Syncaine (but he can take it, i think)! seems he has seriously angered the gods of Darkfall or something…..

  2. It’s not the first time he’s been hated by that crowd. I play Darkfall and I found it startling when he first started becoming a controversial figure on the DF forums.

    I’m a frequent commenter on his blog and I refrained from posting because I didn’t want to pile on. Truth is, the overwhelming response has been pretty positive. The reason is that the core group that kept playing DF1 until it closed it’s doors wanted this patch. That group was always sorely disappointed in how DFUW turned out and one of the longest DF threads ever was a petition thread to bring back DF1 during DFUW beta.

    As much as Syn wanted DFUW to be “Eve w/ Swords”, that was always more fantasy than reality. It’s simply not that game and it never was that game. That’s not to say that Eve w/ Swords wouldn’t have been fun but a developer needs to know it’s audience — and the only audience still playing or interested in returning is the one who wanted this patch.

  3. I beg to differ.

    DF1 failed miserably because it mostly appealed to the FPS crowd who turned it into Counterstrike with swords and wands. History has shown that this crowd is too small to sustain a healthy population. Therefore Aventurine redesigned the game to make it more appealing to MMORPG players, because it was designed as an RPG with character development in the first place. Unfortunately Aventurine missed the opportunity to clearly communicate this intention or the DF1 playerbase was too thick to get it.

    So when DF:UW was released we had the old DF1 FPS crowd who were disappointed that the second iteration of DF was not the same old game with new character models. However these people still made it their mission to drive away the new target audience of the game. Now for two years every day another therad opens in the forums with one of the following topics:
    – DF1 was better
    – Why DF1 was better
    – DF1 combat was so much better
    – If DF1 came back I know 10.000 people who would instantly subscribe
    – I will buy the DF1 sourcecode and release it on a free server
    Although the devs should know that DF1 was not sustainable, the code was clogged and difficult to work with and the authors of these threads never ever put their money were their mouths are and actually came up with anything Aventurinbe finally caved in and brought back some aspects of DF1.

    Maybe Syncaine and me are wrong and DF:UW will prosper from now on. But I really think that the game now will not live to see its 7th birthday.

    • I’m not in a position to comment on whether the design changes in DF are an improvement or not, as I’ve never played any incarnation of the game myself. It’s definitely something that deserves debate and has advocates on both sides of the fence, and it’s good to see both points of view put across with something more intellectually advanced than “I hope you get run over by the short bus” which for me is the real issue. It doesn’t matter how good the game design might be, most human beings are going to be repelled by a so-called community like that.

    • @Kyff I don’t think what you wrote disagrees with my point that the only audience left for AV is the audience that wanted this patch — the old DF1 crowd. I won’t even disagree with your premise that this ‘crowd is too small to sustain a healthy population’. That seems like a pretty good reason to create a cash shop for your game, no?

      The larger point is that Darkfall was never going to be the game that Syn wanted to play and he even admits this in his post when he writes “My alliance would always wonder what I see in a game with no long-term plan, goal, or point, and admittedly I look a bit foolish now with my “they are working on that guys!” enthusiasm, because nope, they really aren’t.”

      There was a reason he was disconnected from a lot of the population — he thought he was playing a game with a different vision than the one that really existed. DF:UW didn’t fail to attract and keep a new audience because of the DF1 crowd. It failed to do so because the game lacked the deep economy and sandbox elements that such players require. New players subbed expecting EvE w/ Swords and they got a Fantasy Counterstrike MMO w/ full loot.

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