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I think I may have mentioned that SWTOR suffers from an increased number of jerks trolling public chat channels these days. The problem is, of course, that when a game is free to play then some people they have less to lose if they court a ban. Normally I just ignore these people – not even bother hitting the ‘ignore’ button, I mean I simply don’t pay them any attention. However, the other day there was a guy giving a detailed explanation of all the ‘proof’ that the Holocaust never happened in Imperial Fleet general chat. That particular brand of idiocy hits close to home with me so I went to the effort of reporting him, and since I had the ticket open anyway I also reported a guy called Rectumravager who had been taking part in the debts for… Well, for pretty damned obvious reasons.

It’s a pity really. I have a small part of my mind, my inner eight year old, giggling like crazy at the thought of there being a Darth Rectumravager of the Sith Empire. However, the rest of me has grown up a bit more than that.


  1. “My Emperor, we can count on Darth Rectumravager to get to the bottom of things.”

    • Nice to see someone else has an inner eight year old 🙂

      The problem with Darth Rectumravager is that he’s a real pain on the ass!

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