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Somehow, Blizzard’s stance on has gone from “you can’t fly in Draenor because that would totally break our content, I mean when we designed our zones for our fifth expansion we couldn’t possibly have imagined that anyone would have that flying ability we added in our first expansion, so it just somehow doesn’t work in an alternate timeline version of the places that it started working in that old expansion, because reasons” to the new stance of “oh ok, since you cried about it so much we’ll let you fly in Draenor eventually, but only after you grind achievements until your eyeballs bleed because we know how much you love being given shit that you have to grind for. Being able to fly will still break our content because nobody could possibly think of a way of it not breaking content without a total no fly zone being imposed, but what the hell, after all that grinding you deserve a broken game.”

Could somebody, somewhere, PLEASE explain the logic to me? I can understand macroeconomics, special relativity, financial services regulations and most of the project plans put in front of me, but I’ll admit to being totally stumped by this one.

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  1. The achievements basically require you to have completed almost all of Draenor’s outdoor content.

    Loremaster -> All the quests
    Exploration -> You’ve been to every bit of the continent
    Treasures -> Found a large chunk of their hidden things without bypassing the ground
    Securing Draenor -> All of the Apexis daily zones
    Tanaan Jungle Reputations -> To get those, you’ll likely have dealt with most of Tanaan’s content

    So tadah, you get to fly (and it looks like Tanaan is included) once you’ve basically completed everything that would’ve been broken by flight. Makes sense to me.

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