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Just a quick post – I’m well aware that I have Liebster call-outs from Syl and Jeromai and I’ll try and get the answers to both sets of questions, and some of my own, up later this week.

However, I just wanted to post to mention that I’ve been talked into trying out Elite Dangerous, and assuming I stick with the game for a while I have a long term goal – the Fer-de-Lance ship that was added in today’s patch. Given that the sexy beast in the video below, the love child of a luxury yacht and a battlecruiser, happens to cost a shade over a hundred million credits, and I thought I’d done well making seventy thousand in an evening’s bounty hunting, it’s likely to be a very long term goal, but whooo daddy! Lookit them curves! Ahem, I think I meant to say that’s quite a fine ship and I’d be delighted to be the captain of one.

For what it’s worth, my initial impression of ED is that this is an unforgiving and very deep sandbox game made by space sim grognards for space sim grognards. It’s unlikely to have mass appeal (Star Citizen is probably going to be the accessible space game) but I can see how ED could be very rewarding for the right niche of players, who have patience, an abiding love of the genre, a decent joystick/throttle controller set-up (you don’t need to spend hundreds on top of the line flight-sim kit but I wouldn’t TRY to do this on just mouse and keyboard. My old £30 Cyborg joystick with built-in throttle works just fine) and the mind-set of learning to live in the game universe, not just jumping straight in to play a game. Oh yeah, and I frigging HATE the landing pad part of docking. It improves with practice, but my first attempt in the tutorial was a nightmare and after several evenings I’m still sliding back and forth across the landing pad and making horrible crunching sounds with the landing gear.

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