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League of Legends has a developer post up giving their players a pat on the back for not being as toxic as is commonly believed. 95% of players have not received any disciplinary action in the last year. Way to go, you paragons of all that is right and good in humanity!

Oh, wait a second. That means one in twenty of your players IS such a jerk that their behaviour has attracted official sanction. You don’t have to play that many games before you’re pretty certain to run into one of these guys. Also, that one in twenty is actually the floor on any estimate of the actual jerk ratio, because it only counts the jerks who have actually been punished for their behaviour. That’s always a suspect measure, because if Riot Games want to show an ‘improvement’ in this figure, they can do so simply by not punishing people. It also doesn’t count unpleasant behaviour below the threshold for official action – and by all accounts, you can get pretty unpleasant without crossing that threshold.

So anyway, thumbs up, LoL players! Only one in twenty of you are such egregious dipshits that the devs actually bothered to punish you for it this year!

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