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Richard Bartle is musing on relative finger lengths and game controls over at his blog. His main point is that men have (slightly) longer ring fingers than index fingers on average, whereas women tend to have both fingers the same length, and whether this is a help or a hindrance when using WASD keys plus right hand on the mouse.

I’m pretty sure the good doctor is joking, and I’d like to file this under “does it really, honestly, make a difference?” except in the current toxic climate some bozo is either going to leap on it as an example of the patriarchal oppressive nature of game design (if the men have an edge) or else evidence that even with a biological advantage girls still suck at games so they should shut up and go make us a sandwich (if equal length digits prove superior).

For the record: my index finger is slightly longer than my ring finger on both hands, which bucks the trend for males; the fact that I resemble a werewolf at times implies there’s nothing much wrong with my levels of male hormones; and I’m a southpaw so I use the cursor keys as God intended instead of this WASD malarkey, and am eternally grateful that Razer FINALLY brought out a left-handed Naga MMO mouse.


  1. Yeah, I was joking. Things such as absolute finger lengths probably make much more of a difference.

  2. My index finger is longer than my ring finger. That’s it, I’m officially neither male nor female.

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