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Courtesy of Dulfy, we have the news that SWTOR is adding an Ewok companion Even if you don’t play SWTOR (or don’t play it any more, as I don’t at the moment) I recommend you follow the link and watch one or both of the intro cut-scenes, just for the giggle or goggle factor of seeing a bad-ass psycho Ewok as imagined by Bioware.

Three things of interest come to mind on reading this news:

Firstly, an Ewok is probably the most polarising thing you can add, at least short of a halfwit Gungan companion. One of my GW2 guildies commented that “Bioware must have a really young focus group” to have come up with this idea. It’s also going to annoy lore purists who will insist that Ewoks weren’t discovered until Return Of The Jedi, thousands of years after The Old Republic – however, there are ways around this and lore purists will always find something to be annoyed about (case in point – go to the LotRO forums and look up the “do balrogs have wings?” debate some time).

Secondly, this particular bad-ass character is female, although in fairness as it’s an Ewok the only way to tell is by the pronoun used in dialogue (and I’m not aware of there being any romance options for this NPC, which I’m sure will be a disappointment to a small subset of the players out there). Score one for strong female characters who are not set up as eye candy, technically 🙂

Third, and most important, this companion is not a cash shop exclusive. It requires legacy level 40 (i.e. you need to have played the game quite a bit) plus a big pile of in-game currency. There’s an update saying that there’s a Cartel Coins (i.e. cash shop) alternative to the big pile of money, but it’s not clear whether that bypasses the legacy level requirement. Bioware continue to amaze me by not selling “more story” when “story” was always the game’s USP, and probably the one thing you COULD get players to come back and pay for.

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