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Somebody’s GW2 guild got deleted for having an offensive name and they’re not happy about it. For anyone following the link wondering what all the “kittens” are doing in his post, that’s what the ArenaNet forum filter substitutes for bad words, because it’s hard for a frothing ranter to claim an aura of I-don’t-give-a-shit hard-edged cool when what everyone sees him saying is “kitten, kitten, kitten”.

While I’ve got a certain, small amount of sympathy for the poster having lost the money and effort invested in the guild, I would suggest the take-aways from this little lesson are:

1) Swearing and screaming at people rarely helps, it’s more likely to make you look like a dick.
2) Only Terry Pratchett’s Death gets to talk in ALL CAPS, anyone else doing so looks like a dick.
3) Joining a guild with a name so obviously offensive that it draws official action is a bad move – it just means that when official action does get taken it will impact you, and meanwhile you’ll be running around in-game with a tag over your head that makes you look like a dick.
4) Cross-posting rants to multiple forums is also a dumb idea, nothing gets official forum action on your ass faster than breaking the forum rules not just once but in a whole slew of sub-forums. Also, it makes you look like a dick.

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