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To file under “treating MMO addiction”, “controlling parents” or “those wacky Chinese” comes this report of a father paying players to gank his son’s character in one or more unspecified online games.

I’m not sure how effective an intervention that is – for players who love PvP, having some extra action sent your way seems more like a reward than a punishment, and even if Feng Junior was losing the fights then it might only encourage him to play for even longer to recoup any losses incurred (if the games in question have item loss or costs from being ganked). As a way of motivating someone to get off their backside and go looking for a job, though, it’s certainly a novel approach.

What really caught my eye in the BBC report was a quote from “World of Warcraft expert Olivia Grace”. This intrigued me – I hadn’t realised there was such a career available. It turns out to mean blogger on WoW Insider which probably isn’t worth me giving up the day job for.

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