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Naming your character is an important decision

It’s especially important in a “not getting banned” kind of way.

Mind you, after four separate infractions I would have perma-banned this chucklehead already. And probably found out where he lived so I could prevent him from breeding.


  1. Internet offensiveness is very important to some people. It’s simply not as fun if they can’t push the boundaries (and preferably provoke a response).

    It’s quite an interesting area of psychology. Many people are drawn to the borderline where they can test the boundaries but without (quite) getting into trouble. Clearly this guy is hopeless at judging this but he may have come from a gaming environment that’s more permissive (such as solo offline gaming).

    I have a lot of sympathy for customer service workers at games companies. Genuine legitimate customers often want to give them a hard day for no reason, it’s just how some people are wired.

    • Testing boundaries is one thing – personally I class testing the boundary of deliberately offending people as “jerk” behaviour but then again a lot of people are jerks.

      If you’ve tested the boundary once and been slapped down, however, keeping on doing the same thing expecting a different result is the definition of insanity đŸ™‚

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