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Over a year ago, Sanya Weathers wrote a bloody good post about people who demand you make your product something it isn’t.

At the time, she was inspired by some of the posts on the Prime: Battle For Dominus forums demanding, among other things, arena PvP in what was intended to be an RvR based game. Fast forward to 2012, though, and you could be writing the same thing based on some of the posts on the Guild Wars 2 forums.

Listen, kids – we get that you enjoy formalised raiding and love having gear progression. Fortunately for you, there are LOADS of games that have that. Both the biggest one and (in my opinion) the best have expansions coming up pretty soon so you can get even more formalised raiding and gear progression. Guild Wars 2 has something else in mind. So there’s going to be fresh new ice cream for those who want it, but for crying out loud let the rest of us have some cookies for a change!

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  1. Funny…I was going to post something very similar to this today, but then I read your post and thought it can wait a bit. 🙂

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