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With less than a week to go until the headstart, here I am with two races left to provide soundtracks for. In my defence, I have been busy both working and scouting around for a guild to join for the game’s launch, which seems to have been successful. Having found a guild that met my criteria (name I wouldn’t be embarrassed to have showing over my head, some sort of application process to reduce the risk of problem players, and a relaxed and mature ethos) and had my application accepted, all that remains is to hang out on their forums and wait to actually join up properly in game. Meanwhile, best to get cracking with some music for the Sylvari.

The Sylvari are the youngest of Tyria’s races. Although fully humanoid in appearance, they are all grown from the seed pods of the Pale Tree, and the first of their race emerged a scant twenty five years ago. To compensate, however, Sylvari are ‘born’ both fully adult and with knowledge from their time in the Dream while their seed pod ripened. The Dream is a sort of racial collective subconscious containing experiences of both the Pale Tree itself and of other Sylvari who have already ventured out into the world. It’s by no means an encyclopedia, but each Sylvari starts life with a collection of skills, half-formed memories and a sense of purpose from their Dreaming to set their feet on the road. This makes for a race that are simultaneously new and naive, and yet also ‘old souls’ with wisdom and knowledge that often surprise members of the other races. The Sylvari’s own culture and characters seem to blend celtic influences and touches from the Arthurian romances, making them definitely the most ‘New Age’ of GW2’s player races.

Part of me wanted to use some of Nightwish’s folkier tracks, but on the whole that band was just too good a fit for the Norn to pass up. Instead I’ve picked a few tracks by Loreena McKennitt, whose music combines traditional celtic roots with world music influences to create something that is genuinely magical.

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