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On with the soundtrack picking. Good news, you only have to put up with me indulging myself in two more of these posts after this, and in ten days I’ll be too busy actually playing the game 🙂

Next up, the Norn. I’m not the first to say it, but these guys are Tyria’s ‘larger than life’ race in every sense of the word. They live fast, embrace challenges, and love drinking and boasting of their deeds, hearing the tales of others’ deeds and then maybe having a friendly scuffle over whose deeds were more impressive. Norns have a rough sense of humour and not much time for the meek or introverted, but a good heart underneath it all – it has to be understood that all that boasting isn’t coming from an arrogant sense of superiority but a sincere belief that one lives on in the tales told about you – “what we do in life echoes in eternity”. Their culture is a mix of classic OLd Norse, although a bit more up-beat and less doomful, with a Native American style shamanism that pays respect to totem Spirits Of The Wild. Plenty of players with leanings towards the more red-blooded traditions of paganism are going to love these guys – as an aside, I’d highly recommend Diana Paxson’s Essential Asatru as a very readable resource for anyone serious about roleplaying a Norn or Viking type as well as anyone whose beliefs actually incline that way.

For a race of boisterous pseudo-vikings the music selection has to be some sort of Scandinavian folk or symphonic metal, really, does it not? In my book, that means Nightwish or one of their pale imitators or rivals, so I went with Nightwish 🙂

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