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Good news #1 – one replacement modem later, I’m back in action on the internet. So far, so good.

Good news #2 – access was restored just in time for me to dive in to one of the GW2 stress test events this week, grab a few more skill points on my Engineer and dive into some WvW for a keep siege. Pretty much all of the old warm, happy memories were there for me as a DAoC vet – bashing on doors, helping build rams, boiling oil from the ramparts (maybe not a happy memory that but definitely a warm one), intercepting defenders trying to nip in and reinforce their friends and the climactic boss fight with the keep lord. It really was like the good old times, although the asuran battlemech-style golem that helped bash the door down wasn’t something I saw back in Hibernia 🙂

Good news #3 – Trion did their first new soul reveal for the upcoming Storm Legion expansion pack for Rift. Mages will gain access to the Harbinger, a melee DPS soul as demonstrated in this here video which also talks about a number of other interesting changes, shows off the advanced magi-tech look of some of the new zones, and involves various shenanigans with members of the Trion staff. The Harbinger itself uses magic to conjure melee weapons and combines that with increased avoidance, some self-heals built in on one of its weapons (as well as synergising with the Chloromancer like all good mages), high mobility and a limited stealth ability through an invisibility spell. It also has abilities that reduce the cast times of other spells, making an effective combo with other mage souls – one thing they show in the video is a Harbinger/Pyromancer meleeing away and then suddenly throwing a couple of instant fireballs for a nice spike of damage. Overall, I got a similar feel to seeing a Harbinger played as I did with my Sith Assassin in SWTOR – a whole bag of tricks blending into a fighting style that mixes magic and martial arts. I want.

Of course, I also want to play GW2 for the long term, especially now that I have looked upon WvW and seen that it is good. Of course, from the 25th August I’ll be able to indulge in GW2 to my heart’s content (work and family permitting, I’m not actually planning on giving either of those up!) but the day will come, and quite likely before the end of the year, when a Harbinger and possibly other awesome new souls in Rift will be demanding my attention. And then there’s Mechwarrior Online, currently in a beta test that is under NDA, so I couldn’t possibly state whether I’m in it and if so whether I’ve enjoyed it so far. The only saving grace is that I’m definitely cured of any addiction toi WoW, so I won’t have pandas and pet battles competing for my time as well. As dilemmas go I’ve had worse, but still… too… many… games! 😀

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