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Continuing to pick a soundtrack for each of Guid Wars 2’s races, next up is humanity. Unlike the humans of many other fantasy worlds, Tyria’s humans are not the masters of the universe but rather have been driven almost to the brink of extinction. So many of their kingdoms are gone, leaving only Kryta, and while humanity remain devout followers of the gods, those gods have withdrawn from day-to-day intervention. Mankind may still have the faith, courage and dogged tenacity to stand and fight against the threats assailing them from all sides, but it’s easy to believe that even as races like the charr and the sylvari are on the rise, the humans may well be a dying race, doomed to fade away.

To evoke the combination of faith and bravery shown by GW2’s humans, I’ve opted for tracks by Globus – a project by the trailer music company Immediate Music that takes their tracks and rearranges them, with lyrics, to create what can only be described as epic rock. The three tracks I’ve chosen – the thundering battlefield hymn Preliator, the slower and more spiritual Diem Ex Dei and the defiant Europa – are all from their first album Epicon, but there are some highly suitable tracks on last year’s second album Break From This World as well (especially Elegy)

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