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So… Guild Wars 2. August 28th. The wait for a date is over, even if the wait for that date still has nearly two months to run. I’m OK with that, I’ve got more than enough on my plate between my LotRO Burglar project (now level 48 and beating my head against Book 7 Chapter 8 of the Shadows of Angmar epic storyline, AKA The Quest Where Lorniel Insists On Getting Herself Killed Before She’s Supposed To), dabbling in SWTOR and Rift, the simple joy of driving a Tiger tank in World of Tanks and going through, ah, interesting times in my day job.

Anyway, in the run up to the GW2 launch, I thought it would be fun to pick an alternative soundtrack for the game. Not that there’s anything wrong with the GW2 soundtrack – in fact it’s very good, Jeremy Soule being almost as fantastic as his fans think he is, which is to say the epitome of epic music, a title I hold reserved for E.S. Posthumus, Two Steps From Hell and Immediate Music. I will however admit that Mr Soule is a very close runner-up behind those three, though. Anyway, my challenge to myself is to pick some music for each of the five player races in the game, with the following rules:

* At least three tracks per race
* Only one artist or band per race
* Can’t use the same artist for two different races

With that in mind, the first selection is for the Charr, the race I refer to as the crazy kzinti, kilrathi, klingon combat cats from hell. A militaristic race who live and die in their assigned warbands, whose main pleasures apart from of course fighting are meat, whiskey, cameraderie and the gallows humour of combat veterans. They give no quarter, they ask for none, and they’ll keep on fighting and winning until the day they lose and they die.

The music I’ve selected comes from the soundtrack for an old Westwood RTS game, Emperor: Battle For Dune. This game came with an album’s worth of soundtrack for each of the three main factions in the game, and with a different composer for each of them ensuring a very different musical feel for each. House Harkonnen, in my opinion, got the best of the draw with David Arkenstone producing a roaring industrial rock soundtrack that is as triumphant and ruthless as both the Harkonnens and the Charr.

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