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I took advantage of Bioware’s kind offer of a free transfer for some of my characters to The Red Eclipse, one of the mega-servers they are concentrating players on. My second impression was that it was MUCH livelier than Kellian Jarro had been for a while, with over 240 players in the Imperial Fleet, multiple instances of each war zone running and a steady stream of chat messages with people looking for groups and groups looking for people.

My FIRST impression was that of the four characters I transferred, three had to be renamed because the names were already taken! Tremayne, Seethe and Kian are apparently names that other people beat me to on this server, likewise the Tremayne legacy already exists and has somebody else’s characters in it. So Tremayne the Sith Warrior is now called Richar, Darth Seethe the Sith Assassin now calls herself Darth Rakehell and Kian the Bounty Hunter is operating under a new identity as Macslann the Bounty Hunter (a nod to my original DAoC character, Kian MacSlann). Somehow Imperial Agent Ulfric-draka was able to preserve his cover identity, I would have become seriously paranoid if somebody had snaffled that as well. All four of them are now proud members of the Bantorn legacy, and I’m going to have to take a little while to get used to them. It’s not that I think Richar Bantorn or Darth Rakehell are bad names, they’re just not what I’m accustomed to.

Memo to self for the launch of Guild Wars 2: create character names using the full freedom of nineteen characters including spaces; get in there at head start and reserve my favoured names ASAP; and if someone DOES manage to beat me to any of my favourites, track them down and go all Norn on their ass 🙂

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