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“Devs! My flavour of the month build for class X is as paper to the scissors of class Y’s flavour of the month build! The devs must DO SOMETHING!”

Yeah… such as give the option of other builds? 🙂

Sorry, I’ve just spent half a morning alternating between playing around with my warrior in the GW2 beta (where changing my off-hand weapon and swapping one of my utility skills made for a significant change in fighting style) and browsing various forums, both for GW2 and other games. Listen up, kids. In any game that’s even half-way well designed, “best” is always going to be situational. If the game is one like RIFT or GW2 that lets you swap your abilities around in the field or even (in GW2’s case, by swapping weapon sets) in combat, then there’s very little excuse for not having a response handy when your nemesis shows up.

But if you don’t have that mental flexibility to adapt and overcome, well, maybe that’s what the “skill” in PvP that people keep mentioning is all about?


  1. Hehe….well said. I like how ANet is adamant about this though; I read a long forum post yesterday where some people complained about the new traits system, and a dev/mod went into explaining why it was changed in the first place – which was basically everybody speccing the same because there was clearly one best way to go. now, I don’t think the new trait system is particularly well-achieved either, but the main sentiment is a good one.

  2. Thanks. I didn’t even really have the revised GW2 trait system in mind when I wrote this – it was as much down to reading pretty well any thread in the RIFT class forums, and also some of the discussions in the GW2 Warrior forums about weapon choices. Over half the threads there related to the greatsword – how good it was, how overpowered it was, how best to build your warrior to unleash the sheer awesomeness of the greatsword. And then you saw people complaining that their warrior was an utter gimp in PvP and at the mercy of any ranged class kiting him around the field. Now, much of my time this weekend was spent on my warrior and for most of that I was using either a sword/sword or sword/axe dual wield combo. Either way, a main hand sword gives you a leap to close the range, a hamstringing attack to snare the enemey and stacks loads of bleeds so that while that guy is kiting you his hit points are steadily draining out across the floor. In other words, everything you need to deal with a kiting so-and-so. Busting out big numbers with the greatsword is obviously the way to go in some circumstances – but in other circumstances, where it is weak, different tactics are called for. Now, that’s what I call balance.

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