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Current state of the games in the Dark Tower of House Tremayne:

LotRO – I’ve been a lifetime subscriber since this game launched, but had left it lying fallow for over a year since I was lured away by RIFT. Recently I decided to get back into the game, and rather than hop back on to one of my three characters who were at the level cap when I left (before Isengard went and raised it) I thought I’d start afresh and see how things have changed whilst relearning how to play. After a false start with a Guardian (a class I already had at level 65) I got underway in earnest with a Burglar (which I also had at level 65, and I’d almost forgotten what an absolute joy that class is to play). Currently at level 32, chugging along nicely, and I’ve been very sparing so far with the enormous pile of Turbine Points that accumulated over my year away from the game.

RIFT – My go-to game for some no-nonsense fantasy action. I take a chilled approach to playing RIFT, logging in irregularly for a bit of instanced PvP or maybe a PuG dungeon run, or else just to solo a few quests, collect some artifacts or join the troops fighting a zone invasion. Having level 50s in all four callings means that whatever sort of fantasy character I want to play, I can do that and kick ass doing so. I also appreciate that while I don’t raid and don’t really want to raid, RIFT doesn’t make me feel like a second-class citizen for not being a raider.

SWTOR – my Sith Assassin is parked now she’s at level cap, apart from coming out for the odd PvP match. I’m still working through my Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent alts’ storylines, however, and expect to keep my sub going when those are done so I can do the Sith Warrior and Republic storylines. I like the story aspects of this game, it’s just a shame that Bioware aren’t pushing the story as endgame nearly as strongly as I wished that they would.

World of Tanks – still playing a few matches at least once a week, and deeply in love with the Tiger, which to my mind is the rapier of tanks: powerful yet nimble, and deadly in the hands of a skilled operator. If only I was that skilled… I also started trying out the new(-ish) French tank tree. To my mind, they seem to have underpowered engines, pop-gun armaments and quite a lot of armour, so basically they can’t hurt anything, are slow to advance and obviously don’t like getting hurt. Ideal for the French, really 😀

And then the games I’m not currently playing…

Guild Wars 2 Beta Stress Test Event – but only because they scheduled it while I was away on holiday with my family, damn it!

Star Trek Online – another game I have a lifetime subscription for, which I actually don’t regret buying, and dip into and out of. At the moment, since I hit the level cap with both my Federation and Klingon mains back in February, I’m dipped out but will be back at some point when the urge to captain a starship and fire spreads of photon torpedoes gets overwhelming.

Champions Online – same deal as Star Trek Online. Watching the Avengers movie gave me mild ‘go play a superhero’ urges but between the LotRO levelling project and the family holiday, I’ve not acted on them yet.

WoW – still out, despite the kind offer of a Scroll of Resurrection from a friend. Nothing I’ve seen tempts me back – my personal tastes and Blizzard’s design team are headed in very different directions.

Diablo 3 – not because I’m on some sort of anti-Blizzard crusade, mind you. I played and thoroughly enjoyed Diablos 1 and 2, and I’m sure I will have fun when I get around to playing D3, however it didn’t grab me enough to pre-order. I don’t have a lot of time available to play single player games with my MMO hit-list above, and to be honest Diablo’s online-only play means that it’s utterly useless the occasions when I DO turn to single-player games, which are when my home internet connection goes down or I’m stuck in a hotel room somewhere where I refuse to pay the extortionate rate for net access. Way to go Blizz, making a game with all the drawbacks of an MMO without any of the benefits. I almost certainly will play this game… but probably only after it hits the bargain bins, and then I’ll take great pleasure in beating it without twinking myself via the real money auction house.

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