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So, you’re thinking of joining the army of gaming bloggers? Good for you! Syp, lord and general of the Bio Break blog amongst his many other achievements, has marshalled a small army of existing bloggers to rally new volunteers for the war. And it is a war – a war against ignorance, a war against apathetic sheep gamers taking whatever they are spoon-fed by gaming companies, and a war against the hordes of forum troggs whose discourse never rises above the level of “LOL” and “+1” posts.


It’s possible I may have gotten a bit carried away there – I’ve just enjoyed an evening of free beer and whisky courtesy of some of my business colleagues and managers. My day job may be irredeemably steeped in evil, but it has its occasional compensations 🙂

Anyway – if you read a number of gaming blogs, you’re probably already aware of the New Blogger Initiative. If this is the only gaming blog you read, then I’m deeply touched but find that highly unlikely 🙂 The idea is that this month we want to encourage anyone out there with something to say – and in the thirty years since I was first initiated into geekery with the red box Basic D&D rules, I’ve NEVER met a gamer who didn’t have anything to say – to start a blog and say what they want, on the topics of their choice and their own terms, without some moth-breather replying with “TL;DR”. The beauty of having your own blog is that you get to moderate it – try to use that power for good rather than evil, but if all else fails feel free to use it whenever you think it’s called for. With the confidence that comes from knowing that if some asshole who gets in your face you can always kick them into the spam filter, there’s nothing to stop you creating a free account on Blogger or WordPress and typing away.

Think of something you want to say. Say it. It’s as easy and as liberating as that. Obviously, there’s all sorts of helpful advice you can get from your fellow bloggers, and over this month we’ll try and provide exactly that. But at the core, blogging is simply saying what you want to say.

Let’s hear your voice.

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