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I still think that the fan hype around GW2 has been so ridiculously over the top that an awful lot of people out there are doomed to crushing disappointment.

On the other hand, if even a fraction of the hype is justified this could still be a good game. I’m going in with more reasonable expectations, I can afford the cost of a game box out of my entertainment budget and it’s not as if I’m going to be stuck with a subscription

On the gripping hand, however, I don’t want to spend more than I have to. So I placed my pre-purchase via Amazon instead of ArenaNet’s website, saving myself ten pounds – but that did mean having to wait for the box to arrive in the post before I could register and start downloading the game. Having left the decision until Wednesday this week, and opting for free delivery (again – I’m cheap… err, economical) Amazon gave me an ETA of next Tuesday, which would mean missing the beta weekend. A pity, but I wasn’t too worried. I have plenty of other games to keep me occupied, between working through SW:ToR with my Bounty Hunter alt, starting to level through LotRO again from scratch, pootling around in Rift as the mood takes me and dipping into both Champions and Star Trek Online just to see what’s changed.

However, fate smiled and when I got home this evening (Friday) the pre-purchase box had arrived. Time to apply that code and start downloading, and I should have some time free over the weekend to start nosing around…

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