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Just a quick update to say that the reason I haven’t posted anything lately is that I’ve not been gaming (or doing very much else) for the past month. I’ve had some sort of stomach bug that instead of clearing up after a week as most of these things do has stuck around for four weeks now, and it has knocked out my ‘gaming mojo’ – I can’t summon the energy or focus for a game of World of Tanks, let alone a dungeon instance or PvP match. No gaming means nothing to write about – well, I could comment on all the fascinating stuff other people have been blogging about but see above for the lack of energy and focus thing. Naturally, this plague struck me down two days before my Razer Death Adder left handed gaming mouse arrived (do you have any idea how hard it is to get a decent mouse for a southpaw?) and said accessory, which will no doubt push my gaming performance to godlike levels, is still sitting in its packaging next to my desk.

One thing my enforced absence did produce after a couple of weeks was a “come back to SWTOR, your companion is missing you!” email from Bioware, personalised with my main character’s name and companion. Kudos to the Bioware community team for being on the ball with trying to retain customers who may be wavering, but in this case – guys, I WANT to be back ASAP, it’s just that the bottom has fallen out of my world or some permutation thereof.

The good news is that I spent this morning being tested for everything from salmonella to high cholesterol to HIV (!) so hopefully next week they’ll know what the problem is and be able to knock it on the head (pretty darned certain it’s not the HIV at least… where’s House when you need him?)


  1. Get well soon. There will still be games out there when you feel healthy, refreshed and invigorated.

  2. Best wishes of recovery, you Imperial scum. 🙂

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