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My Sith Assassin finished act one of her class story which also unlocks my legacy (a surname or group identifier for all of my characters on the server, and I’ve started earning ‘legacy xp’ which will apparently be useful for something one day). The point is, at level 32 she is now Lord Seethe Tremayne with an entourage of loyal and capable lieutenants, devoted followers who will fall to their knees and bow before her, her own heavily-armed starship and she is intriguing with and against Darths at the highest levels of Imperial society. And this is a mid-level character.

Contrast this with my old WoW character. Even at the level cap, and having helped defeat Ragnaros and Nefarian, he was a homeless vagabond without even a surname and forced to dig through piles of poop at the behest of goblins. At least Tremayne the lore master in LotRO had his own cottage, although in terms of followers he was limited to one skirmish soldier and a raven.

So I love the fact that SWTOR has character progression in terms of actually seeing the character progress- it’s not just a matter of doing ten times more damage and fighting mobs with ten times more hit points.

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