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Finally got my SW:TOR early access email last night; naturally, it came through while I was out at the office Christmas over-indulgence fest. So, as someone who pre-ordered on November the 30th I was allowed in on December 15th, i.e. I got the 5 days of early access originally advertiseed despite being late to the party. I’d like to think the monstrously entitled whining noises on the forums will now subside as everyone should be in by the end of today… but I’m sure people will find something else to complain about. Syncaine seems to be leading the charge with a moan about the two day grace period, although I’m not sure his motives as a champion of people eager to play a theme park MMO are actually that pure 🙂

Anyway, I ended up creating characters on Kellian Jarro, one of the newer PvE servers that didn’t have a queue when I got to log in a little after 22:00 last night, and I’m looking forward to having a run around as Tremayne the Sith Warrior and Seethe the Inquisitor over the weekend… well, apart from when I’m at my daughter’s birthday party, anyway!


  1. Didn’t Red Five get blown up?

  2. Thanks to a timely intervention by a certain smuggler, he did not. 🙂

    Though I’m guessing Tremayne’s would be more at home ‘on the leader’, anyway.

  3. @Stabs – Dude, just turn in your geek card right now. Red 5 was Luke.

  4. If you’ve ever seen me in PvP, you’d realise that getting blown up is par for the course 🙂

  5. Red Five needs food badly!

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