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Continuing on from the previous post, I have a few thoughts on playing the Imperial Agent. The IA is in my opinion the odd character class out on the Imperial side – he’s the only character there who is actually a part of Imperial (as opposed to Sith) society.

The Sith stand above and apart from the Imperials, in the same way that the Jedi are separate from the government and organisations of the Republic. The Empire has armed forces, a governing bureaucracy and a civilian economy all of which function perfectly well without direct governance from the Sith. Meanwhile the Sith attend to their own affairs – learning the secrets of the Dark Side, indulging in their favourite sport of murdering each other for advantage and pursuing their ancient vendetta with the Jedi. To be an Imperial Agent is to be part of the apparatus of most of the Imperial society that goes on its own way with the occasional bothersome interruption from their lords and masters. If the Sith and Jedi both vanished, the Empire and Republic would both exist – and would still be at war. The roots of that war go back hundreds of years to the Great Hyperspace War, and the decision of the Republic to utterly destroy the Sith civilisation after defeating it. The Empire of today are the descendants of the small, ragtag fleet of survivors that were all that escaped the destruction of their colonies (wait, I’ve heard this one before…) – anyway, the Imperials have a very justifiable grievance to settle with the Republic; they aren’t just the mindless minions of the Dark Side Sith doing battle with the Light Side Jedi.

As an Imperial, you can be in awe of the Sith who are the very apex of your culture, the living representatives of the Emperor who saved your people from disaster and rebuilt them into a force to be reckoned with; or you can regard them as a dangerous, squabbling nuisance that has to be placated while you and your fellows get on with the important work, as a sort of covert Jeeves in the service of a psychopathic, Force sensitive Bertie Wooster. Either way, as an Imperial citizen you know the truth. The Republic, for all their public moralising, aren’t any better than the Empire. They bang on about democracy and liberty, and then tried to genocide your own people. The Republic are a bunch of sanctimonious hypocrites, and their vaunted democracy is just a smokescreen for corruption and inefficiency while the Empire offers order and certainty. Now that has to be a cause worth fighting, killing, dying, and doing anything else that may be necessary for.

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