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While I’m waiting for the game to launch, here are just a few things I found out during the beta that were useful but maybe not communicated as well as they could have been by the game:

You can area loot by setting the option in preferences. I had been grumbling to myself about this after being spoilt by Rift for a year, and then spotted the option. In a game where a typical combat encounter is a pack of enemies rather than a solo, it sure helps to be able to grab all the goodies with a single mouse click after the fight. The range for the AoE looting seems quite good as well, which is handy given how all the knockback effects and ranged blaster fire result in bodies scattered all over the place.

Once you’ve area looted and your backpack is filling up, you can order your companion to go sell all of your grey loot items for you. Your companion disappears for a minute and when they return you get the credits. Note to Sith Warriors – you send Vette off to the shops without keeping an eye on her at your own risk. On the other hand, she does still have that electro-shock collar fitted…

In space combat, you use missiles by holding down the right mouse button and pulling it across targets. As the cursor touches targets, you’ll see a lock on indicator around each one, up to a maximum of four. When you release the button, your ship launches a missile at each locked on target. Great for taking down a gun battery or two on enemy frigates before they start pounding on you, or for continuing to kill stuff while your shields regenerate (ship shields don’t regen while your lasers are firing). The expanded missile magazines are the #1 must have ship upgrade in my book.

You get your companions and your ship from following your class storyline. The answer to the guys asking how to get them in public chat is simple – keep following the story quests. The answer to people who whine that they’re hardcore PvPers and shouldn’t have to do PvE to get goodies is… well, it’s dependent on your choice of faction. As a Sith Inquisitor, I have a number of ways of, ahem, accepting their apology šŸ™‚

Finally, one thing I didn’t find in beta and wish I had done. While SW:TOR doesn’t have skill forwarding (i.e. my heals targeted at an enemy go to target of target), it does have a focus target system. This means I can set a focus target as a kind of alternate target, and if I hold a key down while using an ability it goes to the focus target instead of the normal target. This is handy for a Sith Sorcerer – I can set Khem Val as my focus target and then throw Static Barrier and heals at him as needed whilst tabbing through enemies to burn down with lightning. The video that explained it to me is here

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  1. Thanks for the tips šŸ™‚

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