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Couldn’t resist having a laugh at this thread from the RIFT forums today.

Let me see now, the poster is in R8 PvP gear, which is the top level of PvP rewards, so obviously he must be awesome because only awesome and super-skilled players get to Rank 8.

He gets attacked by a stealther who, despite having the advantage of a surprise attack (which is what stealthers depend on for their effectiveness, that’s why they stealth) fails to kill him. Apparently there were some NPCs pitching in on the OP’s side, but as we don’t know where this was (apart from “in town” somewhere) we don’t know what level they were or how much of a difference they make. For those who haven’t played RIFT, town guards are much less of a problem than in some other games because they aren’t supposed to overpower the planar invasion forces. This means guards are on level for the zone, rather than being the over-max-level terminators designed to keep the peace in other games. Frankly, unless the NPCs were level 50s in Zareph’s Return they’re not going to make that much of a difference, and if the rogue has some ability that heals him on doing damage (a trinket, or assassin’s Leeching Poison) then lower level NPCS pitching in is actually more of a help to the rogue than a hindrance.

Despite the stealther having the advantage, he doesn’t manage to kill the OP and has to use his ‘get out of jail free’ escape skill.

However, beating off the attack isn’t enough for the OP. He should have utterly destroyed a rogue, despite the rogue starting the fight in an advantageous position, because hey, the OP is Rank 8 and that means he is a superior being with godlike prowess.

Because the OP didn’t kill the rogue, he feels cheated. It can’t be his fault, because he’s got that whole superior and godlike thing going on. Therefore, Trion must suck.

Conclusion: PEBCAK

And now, back to work on Chapter Four…

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