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Not that I’ve been posting too regularly recently anyway – my priorities have always been work, family (in that order only because work is what lets me provide for family), gaming to unwind and the blogosphere in fourth place. The stressier things have got at work, the less time I’ve had free and the more of what there is once the girls are in bed I’ve needed for the gaming to unwind. Now once again, National Novel Writing Month has rolled around, and this time coincided with my manager pointedly asking when I was going to use some of the annual leave I’ve built up. Not to mention the other people in my writers’ group suggesting this would be a good opportunity for me to actually WRITE, as opposed to producing tons of background notes and plot outlines plus the occasional finished short story.

So I took two weeks off, spent last week with the girls as it was half term, and this week I’m locked in my study. Writing. Next week, I’ll be back to work but hopefully still writing. That means my priorities are going to be work, family, writing, gaming and reading, commenting on and writing blogs gets bumped to FIFTH place.

If either of my readers are interested in seeing WHAT I’m writing, the prologue is available here for friends and family to see just why I’m not giving up my day job 🙂

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