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Thanks to Tobold, I see that have announced that World of Battleships is in development. This makes me a happy bunny – I’ve been a fan of all things naval for as long as I can remember, even if my youthful attempt at an engineering officer scholarship didn’t exactly work out (at the end of the three day selection board, aged 16, I was informed that my written test results were extremely good, my colour vision marginal and my results on the team leadership exercises were, well… I was advised to wait a couple of years before coming back šŸ™‚ Anyway, ships duking it out sells a game to me, regardless of era – the ship combat was the high point of both Pirates of the Burning Sea and Star Trek Online, and since I’m still enjoying World of Tanks this new game had me at ‘Battleships’.

The pictures with the article look pretty interesting – if they’re actual screenshots rather than concept art this is some way along in development already. And interesting to see that there are carriers in the game – I imagine they’ll fill the same niche that artillery does in WoT, with battleships acting as heavies and cruisers in the light/medium role of scouting and screening. Not sure what could take the place of tank destroyers… battlecruisers maybe, although those didn’t really work out very well in practice.


  1. Submarine’s seem to me to be the obvious choice for TD’s, no?

  2. Subs are a whole different kettle of fish – they’re effectively a stealth class which doesn’t have a WoT equivalent while the TD and battlecruiser are both ‘glass cannons’

    Since I wrote this post, they’ve put up a few details at which mention 3 classes – aircraft carriers, battleships/heavy cruisers and destroyers which rely on speed and agility (so they’re pretty much in the light tasnk role). Historically, some destroyer classes did have torpedo tubes so they could pose a threat to the heavies if they can get in close enough.

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