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I’ve had my evil eye drawn to Prime: Battle For Dominus a new SF-based MMO with (stop me if this sounds familiar) faction-based PvP with 3 player factions, a PvP-centred endgame that seems to be designed around open world PVP, and Sanya Weathers as the new Director of Community. Indeed, the Dark Age of Camelot is strong with this one.

How strong, remains to be seen. Some of the guys over on the Prime forums have taken the few facts we have (basically, what I said above… plus there’s gonna be jetpacks) and are expecting or demanding a beat for beat remake of DAoC in space. I don’t think that’s exactly what we’re going to get, but my hopes are high for a spiritual successor to what is still my favourite MMO. I’m also not sure how the DAoC spirit of realm pride and cooperation is going to work with a modern MMO player base, most of whom have been conditioned into a “me first, gimme shinies, it’s all about farming personal rewards” attitude by You Know Which Game.

One to watch, however things go, and there’s a good chance we’ll see this go live before SW:ToR does.

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