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Things are starting to settle down into a routine here in the Dark Tower of House Tremayne (well, it’s a townhouse – it feels like a tower when I’m constantly going from my lair on the ground floor to the kitchen on the first floor in order to fetch provisions for the ladies ensconced in their eyrie on the top floor). The new baby needs a feed every three hours or so – once that’s in place she will sleep until the next bottle is required, giving me a couple of hours to run around getting some chores done, a quick blog post like this one or maybe even snatch a 30 minute gaming break. Which means I don’t have the opportunity to even THINK about an instance run in Rift or LotRO, and is barely enough time to go do a PvP warfront, but is ideal for a quick foray into World of Tanks.

WoT has a lot to recommend it for a new dad. It’s ideal for a quick burst of action. You log in, hit the button to queue and almost immediately are into a battle – queues are measured in seconds rather than the (sometimes many) minutes for a Rift warfront. A match is 15 minutes maximum, and I don’t think I’ve seen one go to the end of the timer yet. And because you only have one life (no respawning on the Eastern Front!) and if you die can quit out of the battle and still get your rewards credited to you when the match ends, you can go through several battles in a short period of time, taking a different tank out of your garage for each one while you wait for the smoking wrecks of your other tanks to return for repairs. I’ve got to admit I use this feature a lot – I have a tendency to go roaring off in the forefront of my team’s advance, locate the enemy and then have them spot me with fatal results. “We have located the enemy. Dosvidanya, Rodina!”

And of course, it’s all about World War Two tanks. In glorious, geeky detail. This is definitely a ‘Dad’ kind of thing. Yes, I have reached the point in life where it falls to me to basically pay for stuff, dance abominably and know the difference between a Matilda and a Leichtetraktor. And I’ve decided that I’m cool with that.

Of course, I’m also a geek dad at heart. Part of me wishes that there was a game just like World of Tanks but with Battlemechs instead… but for now WoT will do nicely.

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  1. Have you seen the ‘Dad’s only’ clan? They’re on the NA server so I guess you’ll have missed them but it shows you’re not alone!

    WoT is perfect for quick, fun, yet surprisingly complex pvp.

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