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So, two months ago today I wrote a little post about how Rift might change MMOs back into a more social, community driven game

So, over a month after retail launch – well, there are signs. Some people use the public group system to work together on quests, although there are plenty of others who leap in and grab quest mobs without even thinking of sharing. There may not be the same rush to close every rift as son as it opens, but people still pull together to fight zone invasions (in fact, there’s a certain amount of complaints that there aren’t enough of these as the population has spread out more). The forums are quite poisonous, but the in-game chat channels are a lot more civilised. On that last, one incident that struck me occurred when a non-English guild made a recruitment announcement and someone replied with a fairly irate and ill-mannered injunction to “speak English on an English language server”. So far, so any MMO. What happened next, though was a bit different – several people told the complainer off and it was pretty clear that the mood of public opinion was in favour of tolerance. Compare and contrast how these things usually go in your MMO of choice.

Possibly the best sign, though, is this developer quote that Syp found. While the current world event has had some issues, if you want to build a community then inclusive, all-comers-welcome content is the way to go. If all you have is instanced content designed for these 25 people and no more, then you never will have a server community – just a bunch of 25 person micro-communities with nothing to do with each other apart from waggling e-peens over ‘server firsts’.

So, here’s to hoping. Maybe once another month or two have passed and we’ve a couple of world events under our belts I’ll take a look at this again.

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