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I’ve mostly stayed clear of the great WoW Rent-A-Tank debate mostly because I haven’t played WoW since the Burning Crusade days, and haven’t tanked in WoW since I abandoned my Alliance warrior and went Horde six months after the game launched. I do play a Guardian in LotRO and occasionally tank for 6 man runs from our kinship, and my cleric in Rift memorably tanked the last boss in Lantern Hook (and got asked if I would tank for another run – so I guess I wasn’t too bad. But the random Dungeon Finder and the current, apparently poisonous, state of WoW PUGs have just passed me by.

I will say the solution is typical of Blizzard’s current philosophy – offer players virtual shiny objects in return for doing things. If players don’t seem to enjoy doing those things, offer them more shinies. It’s as if they think that getting shinies magically transforms a dull or unpleasant task into a fun one… or at least that receiving shinies is so much fun that it makes up for the unpleasantness of being guide and nursemaid to a bunch of over-entitled mouth breathers

Meh. Personally, I play games to have fun. I want the actual experience of the game to be fun – I can get my fill of dull and frustrating at work, and I get much better shinies than blizzard can give me for that. So how about you keep your special virtual party bag, and go back to the drawing board until you can make dungeon runs fun for me to do as a tank. If you do that, I’ll tank. And it won’t even cost you any shinies.

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